Welcome to [EGO]

This webpage is the current hub-site for the Destiny 2 community, Check Your [EGO].

This page is a temporary placeholder for planned features and currently serves as a way for new or prospective members to find out any general community information like the clan Discord server.

To view our Mission Statement, find us on

Community Update - October 9th, 2017

Since the launch of Destiny 2, our small clan has grown at an ever increasing rate! Our PvP presence has never been stronger, especially during the weekends for Trials of the Nine. As for PvE, most members have successfully stormed the Leviathan and confronted Emporor Calus! Congratulations!

With Iron Banner starting this week, I look forward to seeing the community teams that form to dominate in the crucible and prove their worth to Lord Saladin once again - both as returning Iron Lords, and new initiates.

Today marks the temporary start of the clan hub-page at checkyourego[dot]net! This page is temporary and will be revisited in time. WolfMuldoon and myself have many plans for the community, and we hope you all will enjoy the changes and chime in with the development once it begins. For now we both are rather strapped on time but know that this project is still planned - just resting on the back burner for now.

Take it easy all, and I'll be seeing you out there among the stars.


Discord Server

All primary clan communication is done via Discord. communication features are only used for general announcements or notifications if a member is not found on the Discord server.

Use the below link to access the clan discord server. The below video also has a section on installing Discord if you need assistance.

Check Your Ego - Discord Server